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I just had to post some more photos by Vee Speers. They are interesting, beautiful but at the same time quite scary.
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#1 - - julieblue:

Åh,åh, åh!

mycket Vackert.

#2 - - julieblue:


Nämen! Tackar och bockar :)

#3 - - La Mode En Rose:

thanks for the comment!

i like that the photos are original, artistic and the childern are so pretty...but they scare me a little that the purpose??

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

#4 - - malte:

uuuuuunderbara fotografier! älskar alla, kan inte bestämma mig vilken jag tycker mest om..

#5 - - Cylia:

I get what you mean with the pictures being a bit scary.. but I like them too:)

#6 - - Midori.:

The pix are awesome !

#7 - - Olivia:

Utrolig vakre bilder, barna er så fine!