We've been tagged (by Kazuko) for this little game called "Pay it forward" which means we're going to tell you seven things about us, and then of course pay it forward and tagg someone else! Here we go...


1) We have a little (or a huge) crush on French actor and model Gaspard Ulliel. He’s been our favourite since 2007 and we wanted him to play the Edward Cullen role when we first heard about the Twilight movie. Now we’re just so happy he didn’t do it because I don’t think we could have stand a global Ulliel-fever! But he’s just too gorgeous, isn’t he?






2) We think cobra phones are kind of super cool.



3) Our haircolours are natural. We used to be blonde when we were kids, not a redhead and a brunette like nowadays!




Emma with Dad.




4) Our parents used to read bedtime stories for us every night when we were kids and we are forever thankful. It's thanks to them we started to love books. Reading is like travelling!




5) Our minds are truly linked and we often have conversations without actually mention what we're talking about. If one of us says "did you know that..." the other one continues "yes I saw it, it's great!". Maybe it's because we have the same taste in just about everything so we notice the same things.


6) We daydream a lot. Our number one topic to talk about is the life in Paris we hope to live one day. What our furniture will look like (we want to share apartment so we can borrow from each others wardrobes and quarrel now and then), what we'll eat, the smells, the sounds, the handsome strangers in the streets...



7) We love to travel. Knowing the whole world is out there just waiting for us is wonderful, almost painful sometimes. Will we see all of it before we die? Most likely not. But we'll do our best.



We decided to tag one blog written in Swedish and one blog in English, and we really hope Agnes from agneswrotethis and Jasmina from Windsoul want to tell us seven things about themselves.

//Sara and Emma

Postat av: our youth

looooovely blog x

2011-02-03 @ 00:39:44
Postat av: La Petite Marmoset

Loved this post, your childhood pictures are so cute!

<a href=""></a>

2011-02-03 @ 05:57:37
Postat av: emilia

sv: haha eller huuuur, han är animerad!! grow some balls ! :D

2011-02-03 @ 15:57:24
Postat av: Alma

SV: åh, dom är så fruktansvärt bra! Måste säga att den här bloggen är den finaste på länge föresten, galet sött!<3

2011-02-03 @ 16:10:49
Postat av: Shop Sweet Things with Jeanne

You girls got great taste in photography! I love it! Love the kiddie pics too, so adorable!

2011-02-03 @ 17:12:00
Postat av: Anonym

This is just darling,

I'm obessed with yall!

and those old photos are sooo cute!!

2011-02-04 @ 03:23:14
Postat av: Anonym

oh my gosh,these pictures are so sweet.make me feel reminiscient x

2011-02-04 @ 20:13:52
Postat av: Saulė

Omg, these photos are so sweet. Love them! Especially the one, where your father is reading a book to you girls. Absolutely made me smile. :))


Saulė xoxo

2011-02-05 @ 20:41:52
Postat av: Windsoul


I will get to it some time! Taking a break now!

Thank you so much... <3

2011-02-11 @ 11:58:27

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