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 Sara and I are both crazy about inspiration things. We have inspiration maps in which we save things we find on blogs. We create mood boards and Spotify playlists with themes (named, for example, "sunset in Versailles" or "yellow cabs"). And today I began with my inspiration book.



1) Sara is sharing taste in shoes with the foxy cat in the first picture. Only I've been walking around in them more than she has... Oops!

2) I was also into dinosaurs as a kid. (Have a close look at the last picture!)


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#1 - - agnes:

gud älskar detta! NI ÄR FANTASTISKA

#2 - - amyC:

"My hat is too big" hahaha!!! cute inspiration book :D

#3 - - Lianne:

wow, love the first one! Very artistic.

#4 - - Michelle:

What a wonderful idea! I need to start creating moodboards and goal boards to get me inspired for this year. ♡

#5 - - M:

wow! this is amazing!

AND the monki beast<3 hihi!

I lovee your blog! please keep posting :)

#6 - - Carlota:

Thanks for the lovely comment!!

your blog is sooo amamzing!! you are such artists!!

ive look throgh older post and ive seen that you have amazing photos and a great style too!!:D

we should follow each other!!


#7 - - Anonym:

hehehehe yes! i hadn't found any similar ones! :D

i dont have bloglovin, do yo think i should subscribe?? i dont really know hoe it goes :S



#8 - - felicia:

Future monki-katalogens-designer? bara undrar...;)

#9 - - Emma:

Felicia: Japp! Mixat med lite ur H&M-katalogen haha ;)

#10 - - Anonym:

ok thanks im investigating :D

#11 - - La Petite Marmoset:

You guys have a seriously cool blog! I love that first inspiration pic you guys did, so creative!

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#12 - - Rafael Franco:


Thanks for visiting my blog. I love yours! Really nice.

kisses from Brazil*

#13 - - cailin:

wow!i just discovered your blog and I love it, and your inpiration book it´s amazing!congratulations! Kisses from Spain!

Visit my blog,

#14 - - Carmen:

Amazing moodboard, its so cute!

Carmen Ri.

#15 - - plums:

your inspirations are great, i might start my own journal! the images are perfect, no doubt. thanks for the idea!


#16 - - Sam:

This is so gorgeous and incredibly cute! I wish I was this creative.

#17 - - Ellie:

Your blog is amazing! I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog b/c I know I'll keep coming back! Loving those inspirations and your outfits are just the cutest, ever!

#18 - - matilda:

såååå fint!

#19 - - Marin Dodouce:

Thanks!! ^^ I like your blog!

#20 - - Krystel Beltran:

I love the idea, and what's gone into the book!

I Lovex1000 the first image and the glasses with the long-eyelashed eyes... Very Creative :)

I lovex1000+1 your blog (I wish I had come across it earlier!)

#21 - - ellen pn:

gud så fint och inspirerande!